Free Wi-Fi locations in Spain

There are lots of wifi locations at Madrid, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Valencia, Melilla, Navarre, Asturias, Castille and León, Aragon, Extremadura, Murcia, La Rioja, Basque Country, Cantabria, Canary Islands, Castille-La Mancha, Ceuta, Galicia in Spain.

Security Alert:
Do not connect to the every public points you find. Definitely use if you have a vpn provider. If you have a location that you find unsafe, share it with us.

What is ?

The is a community driven database and map of free or not free wifi locations. There nearly 101,523 location pinned on the map. And it grows very fast. It helps you to find a work place, cafe, park or shop with wifi and password.

You can find places with search button on left top of map. On the right you can filter locations by status; free, with password, unknown password and unknown status. On the bottom of map you can filter locations by type; cafe, education, shops, park etc.

What is not ?

The is not a hacking app. The locations are not obtained by hacking tools. All the data comes over the community people like you. You can not find your neighbors or your WiFi over here. If you see your network in map and you do not want to share it, tell us immediately and we will remove it if you do not want.

The WiFi community?

Yes the grows over a community wants to help each other. If you are a traveler or a local guide who wants to find a places with wifi, you can look over here. And if you find something new add over here for others help. It is very easy and takes just seconds.

Why the world need this map?

There are many reasons for this application to be created. Of course there are similar apps. But much of them dead and the locations are not working. Who wants to use this app?

  • People without unlimited data plans who would prefer to preserve data on their mobile plan.
  • People travelling abroad and want to avoid roaming fees.
  • People who want to find a nice cafe, shop or hotel to use their laptop.
  • Most of the world does not have fast cellular networks. And so people who wants faster internet can use it.
  • Connectivity in places where there's no mobile signal (e.g. underground restaurants, bars etc).
  • A foreigner in the land without a local SIM card.

What is your roadmap?

The project is in very early stage. So we are working hard to improve functionality and to add new features. Here is the our feature stack:

  • Offline wifi packages like excel, csv or more.
  • Of course we are working on an android and ios apps.
  • Adding health and safety button to keep the wifi quality above.
  • Comments for locations information.

If you think we are missing something, share with us!

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